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Patient Responsibilities
Together, we can make your hospitalization more appropriate for your particular needs. You can help us and yourself by:

Giving your doctor and our staff complete and accurate information about your condition, including past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications and other matters relating to your health. The patient has the responsibility to report unexpected changes in his or her condition to the responsible practitioner.

A patient is responsible for making it known whether he or she clearly comprehends a contemplated course of action and what is expected of him or her.

Following your doctor's orders and instructions, and the hospital staff's instructions for your care and accepting responsibility for refusing treatment. Ask your doctor about the risks and consequences for refusal, including other available options, prior to making such decisions.

The patient may refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law. When refusal of treatment by the patient or his or her legally authorized representative prevents the provision of appropriate care in accordance with professional standards, the relationship with the patient may be terminated upon reasonable notice.

Providing us with a current copy of your advance directive specifying your healthcare choices (such as a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare or Individual Instructions) to be placed in your medical record upon each hospital admission, and periodically reviewing your advance directive with your physician, family and the person you have selected to represent you.

Sending home all personal valuables or placing them in a hospital safe. Also, when requested, taking off personal items such as dentures, glasses and hearing aids, as necessary for specified procedures. Ask your nurse for a denture cup and advice on where to keep your glasses and hearing aids.
Using hospital equipment and facilities carefully so that they remain in good condition for others to use.
Being considerate of hospital staff who are caring for you. A mutual spirit of respect and cooperation allows us to serve you better.
Because we want to be considerate of all our patients, we ask that you:

Respect other patients' needs for privacy and quiet. Consider them when using your television, radio, or telephone.
Ask your family and other visitors to help you by observing visiting hours and limiting the number of visitors. Ask your nurse for visiting guidelines.

Follow the No-Tobacco policy.
Supply insurance information and pay your bill promptly so we can continue to serve you and the community effectively.
Our commitment to quality, patient-centered care is for every patient, including infants, children and adolescents whose parents or legal guardians will be expected to speak for them and be responsible for approving the care prescribed.

Speak with your doctor, your nurse, or call for a guest relations representative if there are any opportunities for improved sensitivity to your needs.

Smoke-Free Policy
In the interest of health and to meet other regulatory requirements, the use of tobacco products of any kind is prohibited at all times on our campus which is defined as the main medical center, physician office building, general rounds, lawns, parking lots, vehicles - both personal and hospital-owned, sidewalks and any other structure or entity located within the confines of CMMC . We at CMMC urge you to stop smoking. Counseling is available while you are in the hospital. Please ask your nurse to arrange a visit from a smoking cessation advisor. If you find that you are ready to quit smoking after you leave the hospital, help is available – please call: TOBACCO QUITLINE 1-800-784-8669. Services are free of charge.

Patient Survey
We know that you expect exceptional service at Central Mississippi Medical Center and it is our goal to provide it at all times. You will receive a call from Gallup after your visit to the hospital asking you to evaluate our service. Nursing staff members will also make rounds with a mini-patient survey while you are at our hospital. We would appreciate you taking the time to answer the questions on both surveys.

Discharge and Departure
When hospitalization is no longer required, your doctor will write an order for your discharge. Your doctor and/or nurse will give you home care instructions if needed. If you have questions about your diet, activities, medications, etc., please be sure to ask at this time. Discharge time: 11:00 a.m. Should you require services such as home health nurses, medical equipment, or placement, a case manager will contact you before you are ready for discharge to arrange these services. Your doctor must order any of these services and you or your insurance will be responsible for payment. You will be given a choice of providers whenever these services are ordered. Your case manager will provide you with a list to choose from.

Home Care
You may need assistance in your home after you leave the hospital. At Central Mississippi Medical Center, it is our purpose to provide the needed professional knowledge, service, care and guidance that will allow our patients to recover at home in familiar and comfortable surroundings. Home Care Services provides a full range of healthcare services, including nursing, physical, speech, and occupational therapy, medical social work and home health aide services. Medical supplies needed for your care are also provided. If your doctor orders home health care, the case managers at will help you with those arrangements.

Ethics Committee
Ethical dilemmas often confront patients, families, physicians and hospital staff. Such dilemmas may include deciding appropriate initiation or termination of life-sustaining treatments. The Ethics Committee may serve as a resource to you and your family. You or your family can request the committee's assistance by asking your physician or nurse or by calling your guest relations representative

Advance Directives
The federal Patient Self-Determination Act of 1990 requires healthcare providers to tell you about your specific rights to issue advance directives allowed in your state. You were provided an information packet about advance directives during your registration. If you need additional information, please call a guest relations representative at . We must advise you of your rights under state law and hospital policy to make informed medical choices, ask if you have an advance directive, and include that information in your patient records. You have the right to timely information about hospital policy that may limit our ability to fully implement a legally valid advance directive.

Organ and Tissue Donation
Central Mississippi Medical Center is required by law to ensure that the family of every potential donor is informed about the option to donate organs and tissues for transplantation or not to donate. We have an agreement with the Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency to help us comply with the law. If you would like more information on organ and tissue donation , NOTE: Signing your Driver's License does give permission for organ donation in Mississippi. Effective July 1, 2005, Mississippi allows you to authorize in your advance directive document the donation of your organs at your death. Your decision to donate your organs cannot be changed by any of your family members.

A volunteer chaplain is on call for you and your family for spiritual guidance and emotional support. If you would like to see the chaplain, call the hospital Operator by dialing "0" and she will contact the chaplain for you. Our chapel is located on the first floor near Patient Registration. This area is always available to patients and visitors. Gideon Bibles are available through Environmental Services by calling

Guest Relations
You and your family are encouraged to contact Guest Relations with any concerns or questions about your hospitalization. We want to hear about your concerns. Any patient/family contact about problems or concerns will be treated confidentially, and you can be assured that your call will not compromise the care you receive or your access to care. This department will also see that your words of appreciation are conveyed appropriately. You may contact Guest Relations at 601-376-2914 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. After hours, please call the hospital Operator at

Medical and Nursing Staff
The physician who admits you is responsible for directing your care while you are a patient. Your physician, as the coordinator for your treatment program, should be consulted with any questions about your illness or treatment. A team of professional registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and nursing assistants provide 24 - hour nursing care. A nurse manager is responsible for directing and coordinating nursing care on each unit. Please feel free to contact your nurse or the nurse manager if you have any questions or concerns. Any personal information about your diagnosis and treatment must come from your physician. This information is only available to members of your immediate family whom you designate to receive it.

Crisis Hotline
If you are thinking about harming yourself or attempting suicide tell someone who can help right away: Call your doctor’s office Call 911 for Emergency Services Go to the nearest Emergency Room Or call the toll free 24-hour hotline of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at to be connected to a trained counselor at a suicide crisis center nearest you. If you have a family member or friend is suicidal, do not leave him or her alone. Try to get the person to seek help immediately from an emergency room, physician, or mental health professional. If you are in the hospital talk to your doctor, nurse, or other healthcare provider.

Patient Education
Patient Education programs can be seen on selected channels on the TV in your room. A program guide will be provided. Your nurse, upon request, can provide you with written information about your health.

Banking Services
An automatic teller machine is located across from Patient Financial Services for your banking convenience. Environmental Services For additional housekeeping services to maintain the cleanliness of your room, call the control desk by dialing "0" (see card).

Family Accommodations
Someone may stay with you overnight. Arrangements for securing linens should be made at the Nurses Desk. Agreements exist with local hotels to provide overnight accommodations for family members at a reduced rate. Details about these rooms may be obtained from the Registration Desk in the main lobby and the Emergency department.

Gift Shop
The Gift Shop offers a variety of sundries, snacks, flowers and plants, magazines and books. The Gift Shop is located on the first floor of the main lobby and is operated by the volunteers. Hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. You may phone the Gift Shop at 601-376-1161. Hearing Impaired Patients Hearing impaired patients may request an interpreter or a telecommunication device for the deaf. Please let your nurse know if you need this service.

Language Interpreters
Central Mississippi Medical Center provides a 24-hour language interpreter service through the AT&T; Language Line. Please let your nurse know if you need this service.

Mail & Stamps
Your mail is delivered Monday through Friday by one of our volunteers. Personal mail received after your discharge will be forwarded to you. Newspapers Coin-operated stands are located by the elevators on the first floor of the North and South buildings. Contact your nursing unit secretary if you need assistance in obtaining a newspaper.

Notary Public
Arrangements for a Notary Public can be made by calling Administration Private Duty Nurses and Sitters Private duty nurses or sitters may be obtained from outside agencies. If you need this service, notify a nurse on your unit and he/she will provide you with the information you need to make arrangements. Payment for private duty nurses or sitters is your responsibility.

If you have questions/problems related to television service, please dial "0" and ask the hospital Operator to page Maintenance for assistance. Closed caption televisions for the hearing-impaired are available if needed. The Newborn Channel is available on the postpartum units.

Volunteers are a vital part of our hospital. We are fortunate to have such an active, enthusiastic group of men and women from our community who have a sincere desire to help others. Volunteers render service to the hospital patients, family members, staff, and physicians by assisting with patient transportation, mail, and information resources. Their generous donation of time and resources provides valuable services for our hospital. You may contact the Volunteer office at for assistance.