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Get trusted information about how to prepare for and recognize emergency situations, and how to respond quickly and efficiently when faced with an emergency.

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Potential Emergency Situations and Conditions
Many nontraumatic situations or conditions may occur and need to be handled properly. Listed in the directory below are some, for which we have provided a brief overview.
Sports-Related Injuries

Most sports injuries are due to either trauma or overuse of muscles or joints. The majority are caused by minor trauma involving muscles, ligaments, tendons, or bones.

When to Call for Help

Anytime you are not comfortable with a medical situation, call 911 (or your local emergency number), go to your nearest emergency room, or call your family physician.

Emergency Information Form

In an emergency, it is easy to "forget" even the most well-known information. That is why it is crucial for you to complete the information in this form for each member of your household. 

Child Health Emergencies

Having a very sick or severely injured child is a parent’s worst nightmare. If it happened to your child, would you know the best way to go about getting treatment? Knowing when to call an ambulance is important.

Emergency Care: When is it the Right Choice

If you're sick or hurt and want help quickly, it may seem like a good idea to go to the emergency room (ER) for care. You may think of the ER as a source of the most immediate medical attention, but if your situation is not a real emergency, this isn't true.

How to Respond to an Eye Injury

If you suffer a serious eye injury, what you don't do immediately afterward may help more than what you do.


Many poisonous substances can potentially turn fatal if inhaled, digested, or absorbed by the body. 

Emergency Care

Our Emergency Rooms accept ALL insurance

Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. That’s why we’re here....every day, 24 hours a day. Central Mississippi Medical Center’s emergency room doctors, nurses, and other health care staff are available around the clock, every day to care for you and your loved ones. Our staff can provide care for everything from minor cuts and broken bones to life-threatening conditions such as heart attack or stroke. That care features:

  • Multi-functional treatment rooms for patients with varied conditions, including two designated trauma rooms
  • A dynamic ER design focused on providing a better experience for patients and visitors
  • Qualified, dedicated health care professionals committed to high standards of care
  • A continued commitment to keep wait times to a minimum

ER Extra offers a better experience for patients

Through our ER Extra program, we work hard to make sure every patient and their family receives care a timely, comfortable and efficient manner.

Fast Track

Fast Track is a service offered by CMMC’s ER designed to dramatically expedite care of minor emergency cases. Dedicated beds in this unit equate to less time to wait when you’re uncomfortable and need care first. Fast Track is staffed by nurse practitioners and registered nurses and is available for cases ranging from sprains, strains and simple fractures to earaches, insect bites, back pain and lacerations. Hours of operation are 11 a.m. - 11 p.m., seven days a week.

To contact our ER Extra Emergency Department:

Emergency Room Registration: (601) 376-2110 ext. 2111
Emergency Room: (601) 376-2944 or (601) 376-2945

You can visit the home page of our website to see our current ER wait times.

About ER Extra

Some of the area's most experienced physicians and nurses provide emergency care to our community 24 hours a day, seven days a week at CMMC's emergency room through our exclusive ER Extra™ initiative. All of our physicians and nurses have been specially trained to provide skilled, professional care in an emergency setting. In addition, our nurses are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, and Stroke Care. Our emergency department has two distinct areas of treatment -- one for your minor emergencies and the other for your major health care emergencies.

What's ER Extra?

We are the community’s exclusive provider of ER Extra™, a new approach to the emergency room experience, designed to give you extra fast, extra easy and extra great care.

Extra fast

By the time you enter our emergency room, every minute – every second – seems like forever. That’s why the clock starts ticking the moment your name enters our system at the registration desk. In general, initial assessments take place within 15 minutes of arrival. Patients with non-life threatening conditions can expect to be evaluated, treated and discharged to their home in typically less than two hours. To deliver the fastest quality care possible, the emergency room has a computerized tracking system that records every second you spend there. This data is constantly reviewed by your treatment team to streamline processes and speed up the time it takes to deliver care. The result is that you see a member of the clinical team sooner, so treatment can begin quicker.

Extra easy

Doctors and highly trained staff are by your side throughout your visit. They are there to explain your diagnosis and how it will be treated, as well as discuss any follow up care you may need. 

Extra great care

The best care results from excellent customer service and friendly staff members. Consistently, our team has ranked as a Top Performer relative to patient satisfaction. We are committed to treating you with outstanding care and compassion.

We Can Handle Everything From Earaches to Life-Threatening Injuries

Our Emergency Rooms accept ALL insurance

When you have a medical emergency, you count on the team at CMMC. We offer 24-hour emergency room services led by trained emergency medicine physicians who are supported by compassionate medical and professional staff.

ER Registration: (601) 376-2110 ext. 2111
ER: (601) 376-2944 or (601) 376-2945

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