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  • State-of-the-art diagnostic expertise and technology to discover cancer at the earliest stages.
  • The Gamma Knife precisely targets and destroys abnormalities within the skull using highly focused gamma radiation.
  • Comprehensive cancer support services to address mind and body.
  • The latest techniques to treat cancer, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy and state-of-the-art surgical care.
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    About Cancer

    Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells. Cancer cells are often shaped differently from healthy cells, and they reproduce rapidly, forming tumors, despite signals sent from the body to stop.

    Cancer and Genetics

    The human genome contains many types of genes that control cell growth. When these genes have an error in their DNA, they may not work properly. Cancer can develop if many gene errors occur.

    Cancer Diagnosis

    After your cancer diagnosis, everything in life may suddenly feel out of control. Your initial thoughts may be "How could this have happened to me?" and "How will I get through this?"

    Cancer Treatment

    The goals of cancer treatment are to get rid of the cancer; prevent it from recurring; prolong life, and, if necessary, provide palliation, or easing of symptoms to improve quality of life.

    Living With Cancer

    Newer tests and cancer treatments have added many months and years to people's lives. As a result, cancer is increasingly viewed as a long-term chronic illness.

    Cancer Tests and Procedures

    Doctors use tests like mammography, MRI, and CT scans to help them screen for, diagnose, and treat cancer. If you have cancer, you may have had one or more of these tests.

    Cancer and Nutrition

    Making careful food choices will help support your immune system's fight against cancer. The foods you choose to eat during treatment will vary according to any side effects you may have.

    Cancer Treatment Side Effects

    Cancer treatment can cause a number of side effects. Learn how to cope with fatigue, loss of appetite, skin problems, and more.

    Specific Cancers

    Look here for information on specific types of cancer, from adrenal cancer to thyroid cancer and beyond.

    Central Mississippi Medical Center Cancer Care Center

    Our patients are people, each with individual needs, concerns and hopes. Ours is a history of blending a very personal level of care with the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies we can find. We understand what cancer is and what is at stake in the lives of our patients. We take the trust placed in us very seriously.

    The history of our Cancer Care Center reflects our commitment. In 1987, Central Mississippi Medical Center began providing radiation oncology and diagnostic services to community residents. CMMC was the first hospital in Mississippi to offer safer radiation therapy treatments including X-knife radiosurgery. Other non-invasive procedures include radioactive implants, such as palladium seed implants to treat prostate cancer.

    In 2001, the Cancer Care Center opened the Robert R. Smith, M.D., Gamma Knife Center, which houses Mississippi’s only Gamma Knife. The Gamma Knife is a radiation tool designed specifically for the non-invasive treatment of malignant and benign brain tumors, including metastatic lesions, functional disorders of the brain such as trigeminal neuralgia, and vascular malformations of the brain.

    In 2007, the Gamma Knife Center upgraded to the most advanced model available on the market, the Perfexion™. This new fully automated unit reduces treatment times, provides outstanding radiation shielding, and can treat lesions in any intracranial location. For detailed information on the Robert R. Smith, M.D., Gamma Knife Center, including conditions we treat, frequently asked questions, and the treatment process, please visit the comprehensive website:

    For more information, call the Cancer Care Center at (601) 376-2074.

    Exceptional Cancer Care from Diagnosis Through Recovery

    Central Mississippi Medical Center delivers a full range of cancer care services, from early screening and preventive education to advanced diagnosis, treatment and recovery services. Our multidisciplinary care combines advanced technology, medical expertise and a full range of support services to address body and mind. Caring, experienced cancer care professionals are focused on providing you and your family with exceptional, patient-centered care.

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